Finals Week Test Taking Tips

By: Rachel Olson

As the semester comes to an end, it is easy to be caught up in the excitement of what fun adventures may await with the summer months, but final exams stand between students and the excitement of summer vacation. So why not take on finals weeks in the most prepared way possible? Here are some helpful test taking tips to help ensure that your final exams go great:

  • Space out your study sessions: Cramming until the late hours of the night before your exam is not an effective strategy for preparing for the test. Start studying for the test multiple days in advance, and evenly distribute your study sessions over time up until the exam.
  • Make lists: If available from your teacher, use a study guide to help determine what to focus on when studying. If your teacher does not make study guides, make your own! Try to decide what main topics the exam is going to cover, and then choose which sub-topics will be included in each of those. Also, make note of the topics that you are aware you don’t know very much about, and pay special attention to those topics to help yourself better prepare!
  • Practice tests: After reviewing a study guide for the exam, try to take a practice test! Some practice tests can be found online, or you (or a friend) could make your own for you to take. Grade the exam and review what topics you struggled the most with and why, and then re-study those topics!
  • Manage your time: During your exam, be sure to be aware of the time. Know how many questions are on the exam, and how long you have to finish it. Use this information to help guide your time management throughout the exam!
  • Thoroughly read through each question: Do not panic when taking the exam and confuse yourself. Take a deep breath at the beginning of each question and fully read the question. Be sure that you really understand what it is asking of you before you answer.

For more tips and tricks for your finals week, look at this Test-Taking Strategy Handout put together by the Wichita State University Office of Student Success:

Be confident in yourself, focus on your schoolwork for just a few more weeks, and then enjoy your summer break!


How To End Your School Year Strong

– Star Billingsley

Ending your school year strong can make or break your summer, and set the tone for your next school year at Wichita State University. Here are four ways to end your school year strong!

  1. Relax- As the year ends, it is very common for students to spiral. Spiraling can lead to stress, anxiety, dehydration, and sleep deprivation. Make sure you project your energy into your final projects and self-motivation rather than spiraling. Moreover,  here are easy ways to relax during those tough times:
  • Create a consistent sleep schedule
  • Eat clean and organic foods
  • Meditate
  • Kick back and watch Netflix
  1. Prioritize Time Management- Knowing how to manage your time during the end of the year is crucial. Create a calendar and stick to it! Do not be afraid to be conservative with your time.
  2. Explore New Prospects- Visit the Career and Development Center to get acclimated with networking and finding summer and fall internships that correlate to your major and job aspirations! Have a Career Peer Advisor or Career Specialist review your resume and connect you with future employers!
  3. Reflect- Reflect and acknowledge your accomplishments from this year! Looking back on positive things you completed throughout your school year can boost your morality and prepare you for more achievements to come!

Why should you use Handshake?

By Carolina Loera Lozano

handshake-shareEvery student at Wichita State University has access to Handshake.  Some students, however, are not sure how to use it or how exactly it works. Handshake is a career-services platform used by about 700 colleges all over the United States.  For Wichita State, the platform serves as a database, where students can make profiles similar to those offered by LinkedIn, highlighting student’s accomplishments and skills.

Nearly 300,000 employers are on Handshake!

Handshake is a great tool to find jobs related to your major or regular work and internships. It is easy, fast, and safe. Many people use other websites to find jobs, and sometimes it is hard to know whether the job is right for you. On Handshake, you can filter the search by what you are looking for.

The first thing you need to do once you’re logged in is click on the jobs tab. This will take you to the job-searching page, where you can filter the search results based on what you are currently looking for.

You can filter your search by on-campus jobs, full-time positions, internships, and more!

You can upload your resume and cover letter, making easier to apply for jobs.

A great feature Handshake has is the access to upload your resume and cover letter to your profile.

Peer advisors are able to see your document once you upload it and send you feedback before you actually decide to send it to an employer.

Once your documents have been approved, you can simply click on attach resume, and your resume will be automatically sent to the employer. This makes it an easier and faster process when applying for jobs.

Employers can reach out to you.

Employers as well as students can look for people for their company through Handshake. The more details you include in your profile the better chance you will pop up in an employer’s search.

Employers can contact you through Handshake if they are interested on having you work for their company.

You can also look at other students profiles, and connect with them.

Contact us!

If you need help navigating through Handshake or want to learn more about how to use the platform, you can always make an appointment by calling us at 978-3688.

Five Tips in Creating a Successful Event at your University!

By: Christine Robinsonchristine's blog

1. Collaborate with other offices on campus 

  • This increases attendance  
  • The office/s become allies for future events  
  • Creates a supportive atmosphere  
  • Lowers the cost for each office 

2. Marketing is essential  

  • **if the event is not marketed well, the event will be low in attendance**  
  • Marketing can be whatever the coordinator desires, be creative 
  • Posters should be attention grabbing and post them in heavy traffic areas around the campus  
  • Make sure to advertise on social media  
  • Tabling  
  • Word of mouth  
  • Advertise on the radio, emails, television, etc.  
  • I Phone Airdrop posters in classrooms, offices, student unions, recreations centers, etc.  

3. Pick Appropriate Time/Date/ and Location  


  • Noon and 7 pm are the most convenient times for most students  
  • Collaborate on what fits the majority 


  •  Pick a date where there are little/ no other events during that time  
  • Consider good weather 


  • Accessible for the majority  
  • Suitable for the actual event 
  • Appropriate equipment (if needed) 
  • Appropriate size for intended audience

4.Formulate a Timeline 

  • Set goals/accomplishments for each week  
  • The timeline should begin from the first day of planning until the day of the event  
  • Create a schedule for the day of the event (from the morning of until the very end) 


  • **This is essential for a successful event ** 
  • All individuals who are involved should always be on the same page   
  • Form a small get together before the event to insure all minds are clear of their tasks 
  • Form rules, goals, and alternatives if things do not go as planned  



The Importance of Being Passionate About What You Do:

By: Rachel Olson

love-your-jobIn our society today, it is easy to be caught up in finding the most financially rewarding or stable job market to enter into. However, this often causes us to forget about the dreams we had when we were younger of ‘who we wanted to be when we grew up’. While it is smart to maintain a sense of reality and make wise decisions when choosing what career field to dedicate our lives to, here are a few benefits to remembering to choose something you are passionate about:

1. Productivity: It is so much easier to dedicate your time and energy into a project when it is centered on something that you love. When you are passionate about a topic, you are much more likely to be willing to work on your tasks that are related to that topic, and therefore your overall productivity will be much higher than if you hated your job.

2. Happiness: Knowing that you are working for a cause or in a field that you truly believe matters or that you have a genuine interest in, will absolutely increase your happiness. It is hard to remain positive when you are working towards a goal that you do not feel matters, but when your goal is one that you want not only for the tangible rewards you will receive, but also for your own joy and satisfaction, you will experience much more pleasure throughout the entire project.

3. Spreading your joy: A genuine smile is contagious. It is much more enjoyable and easier to work alongside someone who is happy and passionate, than someone who would rather be anywhere else. By being happy about what you are working on, you can spread that feeling of joy to your co-workers, creating an overall more positive work experience for everyone involved.

4. Overall success: With high levels of productivity, general personal happiness and a positive work environment, the possibilities are endless. If you truly focus your energy on a career field that you are passionate about, and that is highly rewarding for you, you are much more likely to reach any level of success that you set out to achieve.

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